Friday, January 11, 2019

VoIP Features That Are Advantageous For Small Businesses

Even if your small business is thriving, there is always room for improvement! Did you know that a VoIP phone system can take a small business to the next level of success? Keep reading to find out what features make this possible. 

Transcribing Voicemails Into Text
Listening to voicemails can be a time consuming task--especially if you receive a lot of them each day. Fortunately, a VoIP phone system can transcribe voicemails into text for you! That way, you can quickly read them and save some of your precious time in the process. 

Digital Receptionist
If your office does not have a dedicated receptionist, you can spend a lot of your work day redirecting phone to the right department. Luckily, a VoIP phone system comes with a digital receptionist! It will help callers find the individual they are trying to connect with. 

Advanced Conferencing Features
If you spend your work days on various conference calls, a VoIP phone system can help them go much smoother. You will be able to send conference call invitations, mute participants, and so much more! It is important to take the time to teach all of your employees about these advanced conferencing features. 

Could your small business benefit from having a new VoIP system installed? If so, turn to Reliable Voice & Data Systems! We can help you discover a phone system that satisfies all of your wants and needs. To learn more or to schedule a free estimate, give us a call at (877) 385-6657.

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