Monday, December 2, 2019

Ways To Project Your Voice During A Presentation

When you are giving a presentation at work, you will want everyone in the room to hear what you have to say. This includes the people who are sitting all the way in the back! Below are some tips that will help you project your voice during a presentation.

Maintain Good Posture
Standing up straight can positively impact your ability to speak up! If you start to slouch during your presentation, be sure to correct your posture immediately. Maintaining good posture throughout your speech could also let you seem more confident. 

Take Deep Breaths
Breathing deeply is not only a great way to relax before speaking; it also helps you project your voice! After all, taking a deep breath allows you to fill up your lungs and put some power behind your voice. Taking deep breaths throughout the presentation will help you speak at a slower pace and your audience will have more time to absorb the information. 

Enunciate Words Properly
Mumbling is the last thing you want to do during a presentation. To avoid mumbling your words, remember to enunciate each word correctly. Taking the time to pronounce each syllable in a word will allow your message to be heard loud and clear. 

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