Monday, February 11, 2019

Tips For Talking To Your Boss On The Phone

Have you ever been thrown off by an unexpected call from your boss? If so, it can really shake your confidence during the work day. Below are some tips that you help you handle these calls with ease.

Stay Calm
Receiving a boss from your boss does not automatically mean that you have done something wrong. Nonetheless, a lot of people may think this when they initially get the call. To avoid sounding nervous, stay calm and maintain a positive attitude. 

Jot Down The Key Points
Whenever your boss calls you, it is always a good idea to take notes. After all, this will make it is easier to recap all of the key points that were mentioned. It will also serve as a reminder for the actions you may need to take in future. 

Listen Carefully
Do not just listen to what your boss has to say in order to respond. Instead, engage in active listening. In other words, listen to your boss in order to truly understand what they are saying. If you are unclear about something they said, ask for a clarification.

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