Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Tips For Transferring A Call At Work

A caller may get frustrated if you tell them that you need to transfer their call to someone else. Utilizing proper etiquette can only improve the situation at hand. Below are some helpful tips for transferring a call at work.

Ask If You Can Transfer The Call
First and foremost, ask the caller if it is okay with them to go ahead and transfer the call. This puts the control in the caller's hands and allows them to make that decision. There are instances where the caller does not want to be transferred.

Give A Reason For The Transfer
If the caller has expressed that they do not want to be transferred, it is time to explain why the transfer would be helpful. For example, you may transfer them to an individual or department that can give them the information they are looking for. After all, you may not be well-equipped to help them with their specific request.

Introduce The Caller
Once the caller has agreed to be transferred, be sure to give the caller a proper introduction to the new person on the line. Giving a brief overview of the situation will prevent the caller from repeating themselves all over again. Before signing off, remember to thank the caller for their time and patience.

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