Monday, March 2, 2020

How To Get Your Employees To Listen To You

Do you ever get the feeling that your employees are not really listening to you? If so, it is time to change that! Below are some tactics that will get your employees to listen up.

Use Open-Ended Questions
There is no better way to open up a conversation than asking open-ended questions. That way, the employee can feel free to express their opinion and explain their point of view. It is crucial for a boss to allow the employee to finish their thought so they can fully take in what has been said. 

Let Others Join The Conversation
An employee may feel intimidated when they are talking to their boss. To make things a little less formal, let other people join in on the conversation. Being in a group setting will allow the employee to feel more at ease. 

Lighten The Mood With Humor
When all else fails, you can lighten the mood with some humor! This tactic can help reduce the tension that exists in a boss to employee relationship. It can also make a boss appear more approachable. 

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