Thursday, December 27, 2018

Tips for Proper Phone Etiquette

Carrying yourself in a professional manner at work is of the utmost importance. This kind of behavior is especially crucial when you are on the phone with a colleague or client. Continue reading to learn more about proper phone etiquette.

Do Not Interrupt
You do not want to come off as rude in the workplace. Therefore, you should never interrupt someone while they are talking. Taking the time to listen to your coworkers, clients or customers could help you maintain positive relationships with them. 

Keep Smiling
Your attitude and demeanor can be detected through the tone of your voice. Smiling while on the phone can give you a happier disposition. When you are at work, remember to put on a happy face. 

Learn How To Use Your Phone
Nothing is more embarrassing than struggling to put someone on hold during a phone call. To avoid this type of scenario altogether, learn the right way to use your phone system. Asking your coworker to show you the ropes can all the difference on your next call. 

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