Monday, February 3, 2020

What Not To Do When Video Conferencing From Home

There are plenty of people who work remotely or work from home. If you fall into either of these categories, you may have to participate in video conference calls. Keep reading to discover what you should not do while on a video conference call.

Not Muting Your Line
One of the most egregious errors you can make on a video conference call is forgetting to mute your line. Even if you are not talking, the background noise from your immediate surroundings can be very distracting to everyone on the call. Muting your line should be the first thing you do once you have joined the call.

Interruptions By Family Members or Pets
When you take a video conference call from home, it is possible that your family members and pets are home as well. However, you do not want a crying baby or a barking dog to interrupt your meeting. You can cut down on these personal distractions by taking the call from your home office.

Going Off-Topic
In the event that you experience a technical issue during the call, resist the urge to start chatting with your colleagues about topics that are off-topic. Remember that everyone on the call has taken time out of their busy day to join this video call. Put this time to good use by sticking to the original agenda of the call. 

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