Thursday, January 2, 2020

Conversation Mistakes To Avoid

No one wants to be that person who makes a major communication blunder in the workplace. Even the most well-spoken employee can improve their communication skills. Below are some common conversation mistakes to avoid in order to become a better communicator.

Talking Without Listening
Listening is usually the aspect that is not taken into consideration when most people think about communication. However, being a good listener is a critical part of being a good communicator. To engage in active listening, listen to truly understand what the other person is saying.

Going Off On A Tangent
People start to ramble when they are anxious or nervous. It is important to fight this urge at all costs. After all, the other person you are conversing with may become disinterested in what you have to say when you go off on a tangent. 

Speaking Over Others
Interrupting someone when they are speaking can be interpreted as rude. Interjecting your opinion into the conversation communicates to the other person that you will not give them time to finish their thought. It could also indicate that you are not fully listening to their point of view.

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